Terms and Conditions for Membership at

Modderfontein Golf Club

Membership Duration and Financial Year:

1. Membership is available for a year, running from January through December,
aligning with MGC’s financial year. Automatically renewed for another year if no
resignation received before December of the year.

2. Mid-Year Joining:
If you join the club during the year, your membership will be valid for the remainder
of the financial year.

3. Payment Options:
Membership fees can be settled on a monthly basis, with payments due at the
beginning of each month.

4. Membership Commitment:
Memberships cannot be cancelled during the year, and signing up binds you to pay
for a full 12 months, or from the time you sign up to the end of the financial year.
Debit orders will stay in place till 01 December 2024.

5. Privacy Policy:
Modderfontein Golf Club will not share any of your private information and operates
in strict accordance with the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act)

6. Season Tickets (Unlimited Golf):
Season tickets can be added to your monthly payments at any stage during the year
but cannot be removed before the end of the year.

7. Clubmaster App:
Your CLUBMASTER APP will provide you with information on the movement of
financials, golf rounds, invoices, and other relevant details. This is a FREE application
to you. We will also give you a FREE membership to ScoreCapture Application.

8. Membership Application:
Your membership application must be signed by a current club member who has
either played a round of golf with you or is personally known to you.

9. Additional Fees:
MGC Subscription fee does not include the HNA & Affiliation fee, which is made up
from the following additional fees:
• HNA CARD fee
• HNA (Handicap Network of South Africa) registration fee
• Registration fee to the CGGU (Central Gauteng Golf Union)
MGC is paying this moneys over to Central Gauteng Golf Union. This fee needs to be
paid upfront at time of joining. All members need to be registered to CGGU.

10. Membership Ownership:
By becoming a member, you acknowledge that you become a member and
not a shareholder of the club.

11. Unpaid Fees:
An unpaid subscription or season ticket premium at the beginning of the month will
mean that your membership is immediately suspended. Remember that premiums
are paid for the month ahead. So a bounced debit order or unpaid premium means
that you are no longer member from that point onwards. The HNA Card will also be

Please read and understand these terms and conditions before becoming a member of
Modderfontein Golf Club. By signing up, you acknowledge your commitment to the club and
its policies.

By accepting membership and signing up as a member, I acknowledge that I have read,
understood, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by this contract.